In keeping with my answer to last week’s class question about how our MFA literary blog might attract more site hits/views/visits, I present to you the one non-XXX thing guaranteed to work: pet pictures.

Non-litter sisters Selma and Millie, generally being redonkulous.


That’s right, folks! People LOVE looking at photos of other people’s domesticated animals eating, sleeping, playing, and just generally be adorable.

Why, you might ask? Well, for some of us, our pets are baby substitutes (c’mon… admit it!). For other folks, pets provide a sense of grounding, stability and comfort, especially in times of hardship or struggle.

My Holly Dog, mid-yawn.

For still others, having a fur-baby (or three, in my case) to love makes them feel most elementally like themselves. I grew up with pets; my parents had a dog before they had me.

Why do you have pets? If you don’t, why do you love Love LOVE looking at pet pics?

Share your thoughts here! <3