Hello, welcome to the sandbox. Here’s where we’ll experiment.

This is a H1.

It’s the largest heading.

This is H2.

The second largest.

H3 is like this.

These are good for nesting points in complicated essays. They’re also great to create visual flow, so if you have a long piece, you’ll want to include some of headings/subheadings. They make something easier to keep reading. And that’s important!

This, H6, is the 6th heading style.

Once you get down this far, you’re using headings for some other reason than just nesting points, I think. I never use H6s.

I usually use H2s!

WordPress uses CSS, so if you wanted to change the way the look of these heading styles, you’d edit the stylesheet, rather than simply make your text bold each time, or try to make the text red …